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Current Graduate Students

  • Connor Farrell
  • Xakin Ramirez Isunza

Current Undergraduate Researchers

  • Erin Michael
  • Jared Mumma
  • Rachel Smith
  • Brandon Tapia

Prof. Steve Martin

  • Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
    • PhD in Chemical Engineering, 2004, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
    • BSE in Chemical Engineering (Certificate in Materials Science), 1999, Princeton University

Prof. Martin received a B.S.E in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University in 1999. He then received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 2004 under the direction of Michael D. Ward. He pursued post-doctoral research in the Hatton group at MIT before joining the faculty of Chemical Engineering at Virginia Tech in 2006. Dr. Martin’s research focuses on the structure and properties of soft and self-assembled materials, and on molecular transport in nanostructured materials. His recent work primarily targets gas and liquid transport for membrane separations and barrier properties, as well as nanostructure development during processing of polymer films, coatings, and nanocomposites. The Martin group’s research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, the ACS-Petroleum Research Fund, 3M, and the Office of Naval Research.

Dr. Martin has been the recipient of multiple teaching awards, including the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Chemical Engineering Best Professor Award (as voted by the undergraduate students.) In addition, he has received the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Service. In 2018, Dr. Martin was awarded a AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship to spend a sabbatical working in the Advanced Manufacturing Office at the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington, DC.

Former Graduate Students

  • Christine J. Erdy (MS 2008), Michelin, South Carolina
  • Sang Il Han  (PhD 2010), Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering, Changwon National University, Korea
  • Michael J. Heinzer (PhD 2012), Intel Corporation, Arizona
  • Feras Rabie (PhD 2013), MPower Innovation
  • Du Hyun Shin (PhD 2013),  LG Chemical, Korea
  • Ninad Dixit (PhD 2015), Henkel, New Jersey
  • Waifong Chan (PhD 2015), Intel Corporation, Oregon
  • Carlos Landaverde (PhD 2016), UT-Austin, Texas
  • Alicia Pape (PhD 2017) – Dwight & Church, New Jersey
  • Ethan Smith (PhD 2020) – Entegris, Massachusetts

Please email Dr. Martin ( with updates.

Former Undergraduate Researchers

  • Nicholas Turner, B.S. in ChE, 2008
  • Abimbola Onasaga, B.S. in ChE, 2009
  • Daniel Schall, B.S. in ChE, 2011
  • Eric Stonehill, B.S. in ChE, 2010
  • Mudib Rawoot, B.S. in ChE, 2010
  • Justin Robinette, B.S. in Biochem, 2011
  • Keith Moran, B.S. in ChE, 2011
  • Dan Chen, B.S. in CHE, 2012
  • Kevin Walke, B.S. in CHE, 2012
  • David Caldwell, B.S. in CHE, 2011
  • Justin Ryan, B.S. in MSE, 2012
  • Aileen Dollette, B.S. in CHE, 2015
  • Sam Inkrote, B.S. in CHE, 2012
  • Chris Wong, B.S. in CHE, 2013
  • Bradford Knight, B.S. in CHE, 2013
  • Martha Hay, B.S. in CHE, 2013
  • Pratyush Agarwal, B.S. in ChE, 2014
  • Mohamed Mohamedali, B.S. in ChE, 2014
  • Sahel Aminian, B.S. in ChE, 2015
  • Simon Neft, B.S. in ChE, 2018
  • David Tezza, B.S. in ChE, 2018
  • Jacob Sitnik, B.S. in ChE, 2018
  • Emma Sparks, B.S. in ChE, 2019
  • Connor Farrell, B.S. in ChE, 2019
  • Blake Izzo, B.S. in ChE, 2019
  • McKenzie Hutchinson, B.S. in ChE, 2019
  • Joseph Jackson, B.S. in ChE, 2020
  • Lauren Kalski, B.S. in ChE, 2020
  • Nicholas Schaefer, B.S. in ChE, 2021
  • Jeremy Osten, B.S. in ChE, 2021
  • Broghan Cook, B.S. in ChE, 2021
  • Claudia Cardona, B.S. in ChE, 2021
  • Elle Knack, B.S. in ChE, 2022
  • Rachel Pawlawski, B.S. in ChE, 2022
  • Chris Stoll, B.S. in ChE, expected graduation 2023
  • Andrew Colpitts, B.S. in ChE, 2022
  • Emma Dirks, B.S. in ChE, expected graduation 2024